About us

Behind BODY & SOAP stands a passionate soapmaker: Britta Bauer and the traditional method of soapmaking is a matter of my heart for almost two decades.
As a founder I started the company in 2003 under this label with a manufactory for handmade soaps and bathcosmetics, a soap museum and we did run soap shops in different locations with a place for watching production demonstrations.

After more than ten years experience in production and the direct contact with my customers I got a very good and safe sence for their demands, younger and less younger people have on contemporary body care and what they expect from a skin caring bar of soap.

In lectures and workshops I share my knowledge of manufacturing soaps in cold process since many years. Company events and kids birthday parties are the fun-part of the offered events.

BODY & SOAP Studio is an enlargement and consequently further development of our work and actually offer at bodyandsoap-shop.com
Combining traditional manufacturing process plus modern technique, we are turning good unique soap bars into likeable and individual advertising media.
We are realizing soap ideas for small and major companies, advertising agencies, hotels, city marketing.