Cold process soap


The most original art of soap manufacturing!

Manufacturing a cold process soap is soapmaking from the very beginning.
At the same time it’s the most sensual and creative way of production.
But also that kind of production which takes advantage of the longest time. There is a maturing period for cold process soaps of four to five weeks.

Before starting production we first choose the ingredients.
Depending on the requirement of a soap there will be different raw material for a garden- or household soap and completely different raw material for a pampering facial soap or an everyday soap for the shower.

During production process high quality oils and butters will be heated carefully on hand temperature and sopanified.
After a stirring process while consistency of the soap base is constantly changing, the soap finally will be scented. Either essential oils or perfume oils will give the soap an unique scent.

After filling the soap base in their molds and a resting time for at least 24 hours, time has come for cutting the soap block in pieces and put them up for maturing and drying.
After about four to five weeks the curing process is finished, and from that date at the latest the long waiting period was worth the effort with a very gently and skin caring soap which that is compared to anything else than a cold process soap.