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Your advertising remains permanently visible!

Through a special technique a wafer-thin folie will applied and combined on the soap surface.

Similar to a tattoo, the image will stay permanently on the soap and does not wash away.
Compared to an embossing or a stamped image, the logo or the advertising will stay almost until the soap will be used up.

Black-and-white images, colored subjects as well as text messages are suitable on photo soaps.
All required images could be printed in color.

Photo soaps will be manufactured from our white sheabutter basic soap.
If any colored image will be applied a white soap is the best basic.
Soaps can also be colored in many solid colors and gently pastel shades.

For the scenting we generally choose a classic unisex fragrance  which has an equally high acceptance for women and men.
But of course we cater to our customers wishes and coordinate every detail before processing.

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