Silhouette soaps

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Classically beautiful scissor cutting images on soap !

Whether a QR code, a town’s landmark, a skyline of a city, a well known personality –silhouette soaps are perfectly suitable.
Adapted to the needs of our customers silhouette soaps will be colored in noble pastel shades or in classical white with the black silhouette on soap surface.

Silhouettes will be applied with the same technique as photo soaps.
Silhouettes from suitable images can be created by request in our house.

Requirements for creating a contur, respectively a silhouette, is a digital template with light background and sharply edged image.
With photos of people images from the page are most suitable.

Soap foundation is our white sheabutter or transparent basic soap.
Scenting of the soaps is unisex – a light mixture from citrus fragrance and blossoms which is equally accepted from women and men.
A customized scenting is of course possible.



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Frankfurt Skyline, woman Portrait: Designed by

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